Chinar Desai,  Architect, Designer, Artist

Art is Life! I just love it! Smell of paints, crackle of paper, colors, visuals, splashes, scratches…

everything I enjoy!

That’s what took me to Architectural school to became an architect. Art extended my horizons. My design background added structure to my Art. I still design buildings & spaces along with teaching & exploring art. Both my work arenas complement each other.

Teaching art started as pro-bono, with Architectural design work.

I knew how to draw & paint, but teaching kids to explore this wide canvas is another thing.

That was what took me to meet Mona Brookes. Wonderful Artist & art educator. A course with her in eduArts strengthened my skills as an Art instructor!

Art Process started in 2010, from home studio. Grew over the time & we moved to current location summer 2013. 

Affiliation as Artist :

Member of the Pleasanton Art League, California Art Education Association & National Art Educators Association.

On My other front:I am Designer (Architectural) , B.Arch, LEED AP & Green point Advisor. Here is Weblink to my architectural work arena:

Have been tri-Valley resident since 2001. Mother of 11 & 13 year olds.

Art matters. It enables us to express & explore. It allows us to connect with our thoughts.

Art is about process... process of exploring, expressing, enjoying, everything.

At Art process we learn. We explore, we process, and we progress through variety of mediums.

There is a structure of EduArts' method by Mona Brookes and there is a process of using this structure and making Art a tool to express.


At the studio: We provide all the materials. We use variety of materials & techniques:  Acrylic, watercolor, pastels, Pencil sketching, Ink sketching, Markers.We also add fun activities like Wood Painting, clay, crystals, etc in art projects to add interest in special projects.

Method sketch:

Adding SteAm to Stem learning.

Projects from early age to mature learners- are always based on level learning. Beginning motor skills, developing visual Connections, Learning through shapes, Processing the project, Adding 'story' to Art, Methods & techniques of medium used, Strokes, Shading, Stippling, Art History, Master's Ways, Making Own Identity... Unlimited Pool of Creative explorations.

We learn it All through Projects. We Include Common Core Visual Arts Standards in Method of teaching.

Join us for Art explorations & enjoy this process.

About Art Process:

Art Process

@Downtown Pleasanton

Project Paint Box: "P Town - Me Town"

For city Of Pleasanton Civic Arts Commission- Summer '15.